Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome


Tremendous progress has been made in the field of hemolytic uremic syndrome in the last decade. The role of the alternate pathway of complement activation is understood to be central to the pathogenesis of atypical HUS. As a part of an ongoing research project funded by the Department oif Biotechnology, Government of India, testing is available for complement factor H, anti-complement factor H antibodies and membrane cofactor protein (CD46) at the Department of Pediatrics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

If you wish to examine for these abnormalities in a patient with atypical HUS, you should send the following blood specimens:
    2 EDTA vial (purple cap), 4-5 ml blood each vial.

The samples should be sent at room temperature along with the following forms

   Patient information sheet and informed consent form
    Case record form

Address for correspondence

   Arvind Bagga
    3053, Teaching Block
    Division of Nephrology, Department of Pediatrics
    All India Institute of Medical Sciences
    Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029
    Phone no   011-26593472, 011-26594858

For more information, contact

Arvind Bagga     arvindbagga@hotmail.com
Aditi Sinha      aditisinhaaiims@gmail.com

Click below to download

Case Record Form HUS

Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form (Hindi)

Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form (Enlglish)